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3d rendering

"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city"
                                                                      Elier Saarinen

imagine yourself...

We do 3D projects so you can visualize the space you will inhabit.
Using current 'software', we try to get as close as possible to reality, offering you a detailed view of the environment, areas, delineation of spaces, and decoration.
Check out some of the projects in our portfolio.

02 - Fachada Moradia-min.jpg
01 - Sala e Cozinha-min.png


Whether it's a house, a kitchen, a bathroom, or all that and a garden, we're here to translate all the ideas and projects you have into an image that isn't always easy to visualize as a whole. We help you in this thorough by putting the puzzle pieces together and delivering it already framed!

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-04 at 07.38.49 (5).jpeg


We select the best solutions for finishes, lighting, textiles, colors, and furniture according to your style and the characteristics of the space.
Our national and international partnerships also allow us to offer and design designer furniture pieces, which enhance differentiation and exclusivity.

05 - Sala.png


Assistance in the composition of materials and design of mood boards, which reflect the nature and personality of the space, ensuring the selection of flooring, coatings, lighting, sanitary ware, window frames, painting, kitchen cabins, and wardrobes, among others.



We provide decoration services for private and commercial spaces, also providing home staging for real estate development.

You, your history inspire us, and your lifestyle to plan the best compositions of materials, colors, fabrics, and textures, also framing the style of furniture and its dimensions to the characteristics of the space.


Furniture and Author Pieces

A house is a very part of ours, so its personalization makes more and more sense. As we are aware of this trend and always a focus on individuality, at Husimo we have created a network of partnerships that allow us to offer exclusive furniture, which will surely bring that “extra point” to your environment.

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